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Bloom Intelligence

Wi-Fi marketing and customer intelligence for brick and mortar restaurants

The basics:

Bloom Intelligence is a software marketing and customer intelligence platform for restaurants and retail locations. The platform helps clients get discovered online, collect customer insights, and keep customers coming back with a combination of data collection from WiFi login, automated marketing campaigns, and more. With a significant focus on keeping customers happy, Bloom offers a suite of tools dedicated to reputation management and customer feedback.

From the BOH TipJar:

Trusted by companies like Domino's and Maple Street Business Company, Bloom's technology is tried and true at scale. However, it also has good reviews from smaller 1-3 location chains, like Howl at the Moon. This ability to work well for companies both big and small speaks well to the platform's efficiacy and flexibility.

In their own words:

Bloom Intelligence passively builds detailed customer profiles that allow restaurants and retail locations to increase customers frequency, spend and to measure customer sentiment in real time through its WiFi marketing platform. Blooms technology stack allows them to measure anonymous customer behavior before they even log into Wi-Fi, and once a customer opts in, Bloom allows its partners to re-market to their customers based upon their behavior at their locations, and tracks tangible ROI of all campaigns.