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Work management platform for the multi-unit restaurant operator

The basics:

Founded in 2018, Blanket aims to change the way restaurants communicate and maintain their facilities. The platform is a work management solution originally built for multi-unit restaurant operators. It targets operational needs like food safety, facilities maintenance, and brand standards with a powerful, easy-to-understand interface and simple communication channels. Features include organized task lists for employees, reports for district and regional management, communication boards for team members, employee awards, and more.

From the BOH TipJar:

Blanket offers 3 different packages tailored to different restaurant needs. That way, since there are options for small bars and restaurants, medium-large restaurants, and franchises alike, smaller operations don't need to break the bank to entertain a comprehensive task management solution.

In their own words:

Blanket is a task management solution and communication tool for companies whose staff is on the go, or on their feet, not behind a desk. We built a very simple interface that’s easy to understand, but extremely powerful, and all with Real Time functionality. If you’re having a tough time keeping your staff accountable for their tasks, or looking to be on the same page with your communication, [we] think you’ll find Blanket is the right tool for you.