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Customer Loyalty (CRM), Websites & Marketing

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Growth marketing platform for restaurants

Available in: USA


Starts at $200/month/location





Key Functions

  1. Customer data management
  2. Email marketing
  3. Ad retargeting
  4. SMS messaging

Key features

  • Helps restaurants convert third-party guests to regular customers
  • Offers new guest onboarding flow
  • Email automations 
  • Provides reports for every campaign 
  • Solicits guest feedback via automated text messages
  • Works to automatically recover lapsed guests
  • Markets to guests across a restaurant’s social media to drive them to make reservations or place orders directly

Our Perspective

In partnership with Expedite

How can Bikky help your restaurant?

Bikky uses data to help restaurants decrease reliance on third parties and increase customer retention across dine-in, pickup, and delivery, and build more authentic and profitable guest relationships. Bikky works by aggregating guest data from various places: loyalty programs, delivery orders, and point of service transactions to create a comprehensive guest profile that includes information like what, when, and how much someone orders.

Bikky says restaurants that use its platform drive a 10% to 12% increase in revenue from new guests in the first 30 days, and a seven to nine percentage point lift in customer retention. 

Bikky counts Dos Toros, Gregorys Coffee and 5 Napkin Burger among its customers.





7 Reviews

Ease of Use








Sophie Rjiko

A no brainer!


This was a no brainer for us! This company is solving a crucial problem and doing it so well! I’ve been using the platform for six months and I’m still convinced that I made the right decision. With everything I have going on, I never would have had the time to filter through all the third-party data and put it into a format that everyone understands. Plus, the price for this is so low. Easy decision. Working with our Bikky rep has made me better at marketing, too. He asks great questions and helps me filter through everything I need to create a successful campaign.



Jennifer O’Hagen

They're really great!


It’s so refreshing to work with a company that’s designed something to work for our needs. Bikky takes data and pulls it into our realm and makes it actionable for creating marketing campaigns. We can address things that we didn’t even realize needed to be addressed like fall-off. I’m not the biggest fan of using technology for the sake of it but we’ve seen a lot of success using this. They get that our goals are about improving guest experience and driving revenue and they help us to accomplish those things.



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