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Growth marketing platform for restaurants

The basics:

Based in New York City, Bikky's mission is to help restaurants build revenue in a data-driven way. A customer relationship management platform built specifically for the restaurant industry, Bikky provides businesses an easy way to improve customer lifetime value and grow revenues. The CRM consolidates customer data across preexisting point-of-sale, delivery, and loyalty platforms, enabling restaurants to run highly-targeted marketing campaigns with organized dashboards and easy data interpretation.

From the BOH Tip Jar:

Offering key insights like who's ordering, what they order and when they do it, how frequently they order, and more, Bikky makes it easy to get the clearest picture possible of your clientele and to imagine best ways to successfully target them going forward.

In their own words:

Bikky is a customer relationship management (CRM) + marketing platform for restaurants. We consolidate customer data across various ordering channels and enable restaurants to run automated, highly-targeted marketing campaigns. Our mission is to grow a restaurant's business by helping them foster closer relationships with their customers.