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Inventory, ordering, invoicing software for food and beverage

The basics:

BevSpot launched in 2014 as a beverage management tool to streamline the process of evaluating bar inventory stock and reordering products from multiple vendors. According to the company, BevSpot users enjoy a 70% reduction in time spent on inventory on average and report 50% less sitting inventory on average. The platform features customized interfaces, POS integration, and direct ordering from inside and outside the restaurant, and the software can be accessed anywhere, with or without internet. Integrations with popular point-of-sale and accounting platforms like Toast, Square, Micros, Plate IQ, and more are available.

From the BOH TipJar:

BevSpot automatically updates your inventory based on sales, helping managers stay on top of data with less work. It also keeps your inventory zones separated out in the app, ensuring everything is in its place and nothing gets missed. Anyone who's spent hours in dry storage or the walk-in tallying up inventory counts knows that features like this would save a good bit of time and labor.

In their own words:

BevSpot builds easy-to-use online technology solutions for the global food and beverage industry. Through BevSpot’s food and beverage management software, customers can take control of their entire operation—from the bar to kitchen—on any device, all saved to the cloud.