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Customer-loyalty program with marketing automations

The basics:

Belly, founded in 2011 in Chicago, is an iPad-based loyalty and marketing platform designed for quick service and fast casual restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars and more. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that restaurateurs can use to drive return visits, better communications, and increased revenue. According to the company, its loyalty program can help small to medium businesses increase customer visits by up to 148%.

From the BOH Tip Jar:

Within Belly's customer loyalty program lies a social media management platform. In addition to tracking customer spending and visits, restaurants can directly message to and engage with them, all from within the same app. This all-in-one integration could help a busy restaurant build and maintain a network of loyal guests.

In their own words:

Belly is the nation’s largest loyalty network for small businesses. Through a customer-facing digital rewards program, we help you identify the habits of your most loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty with unique rewards that fit your business and give customers reasons to return again and again.