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Platform helping producers get closeout goods to buyers

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The basics:

Augie, a Chicago-based B2B marketplace, aims to help merchants throw out less product. Targetting short-dated product and distressed inventory, the platform gives grocery stores the opportunity to offload inventory that might not otherwise move and connect high-margin buyers with the soon-to-be out-of-code products. This cuts down on food waste and maximizes return, while also offering an opportunity for restaurants and other buyers to save on order costs. The tiered system allows users to create customized buyer flows, giving granular access to who gets purchasing access first.

From the BOH Tip Jar:

Looking to increase the sale price and interest on your goods? Augie easily allows you to find more buyers through their universal marketplace. This allows you to quickly identify how you can make the most profit and how you can offload the most product. With this all handled inside the program, buyers and sellers alike don't have to deal with confusing spreadsheets of CSVs.

In their own words:

With Augie, you can quickly get your closeout products, distressed inventory, or short-dated goods out to potential buyers. Higher margin buyers get first access to your goods, increasing margin and guaranteeing your products end up in the right hands.