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Hi! Welcome to Back of House. We’re committed to helping independent restaurants thrive.

Made up of a team of seasoned journalists and restaurant industry veterans, we empower restaurant operators through expert insights and advice, toolkits, and free technology consultations.

Our goal is to serve as a trusted resource that you can use to tackle common industry challenges and optimize your business for growth. Whether you’re looking to improve your menu pricing strategy, boost customer loyalty, or make inventory management easier, we've got you covered with tools and strategies designed to maximize profits in a time of increasingly tight margins. We also regularly feature interviews with industry innovators to bring you insights from fellow operators who are finding success.

Whatever challenge your restaurant is facing, let Back of House connect you with the right solution.

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What We Value

These core principles underpin everything we do to help restaurants.


We have deep respect and affection for the hospitality community and work daily to help build a better, brighter future for it.


We craft our content and recommendations with complete editorial independence.


The restaurant industry is in a period of seismic technological change. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and help you stay informed about what’s new and what’s next.


We know running a restaurant means you’re always busy. Everything from the content we create to the software we recommend is centered around helping you save time and money.

What We Offer

Here's how you can use Back of House to reach your goals.


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Our editorial team of seasoned journalists and restaurant industry veterans creates thoroughly researched resources to help you in every aspect of restaurant operations.


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