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Who we are

Hi! Welcome to Back of House, where we are dedicated to empowering independent restaurants.

We recognize that independent restaurants are the backbone of the food industry and vital for culinary innovation. That's why we've partnered with Gordon Food Service to support operators and help them thrive.

Our mission is to simplify the overwhelming amount of information and products available to independent restaurants, so that operators can make more informed decisions about their restaurant technology.

What we offer

Free technology consultations

Extra support from restaurant software experts with industry experience

Here’s what your free 30 minute call looks like:

  • Assessment of your current systems
  • Advice to optimize your current systems
  • Recommendations for new tools
  • Connections to vendors and demo support
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Curated restaurant solutions

All of the information you need to make informed decisions about your restaurant’s tech stack


  • Vetted restaurant technology platforms
  • Comparisons, case studies, and practical advice
  • Industry news, tech tips, and resources straight to your inbox
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What we value



We understand the demands of running a restaurant - every second counts. That's why everything we do is designed to help you save time and money.



We cut to the chase, giving you practical ideas and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is on providing actionable advice you can apply right away. 



We cherish our close partnerships with restaurant operators, vendors, and other collaborators. We strive to serve the industry we are so passionate about. 



We hold the hospitality community in high regard, and we want to create a trustworthy platform that restaurant operators can rely on for unbiased advice.

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