Best HR & Onboarding Tech for Restaurants

by Back of House Staff

Updated August 7th, 2023



Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new talent can be a heavy lift if you don’t have the right tools in place to support the process. Thankfully, there are plenty of technology options available to aid you or your Human Resources department in managing all of it. 

We’ve identified some of the best technology platforms on the market to help streamline your research process. They cover a variety of strengths to consider based on your restaurant’s needs.

Note: Instawork has over 4 million gig workers on their platforms right now, but aren’t working specifically with restaurant operators yet. We think that when they do, it will quickly become one of the best recruiting tools on the market.

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Best Job Board

Poached has a network of hospitality professionals with years of experience and a variety of skills. They can connect you with talent that is available to fill shifts temporarily, part-time, or join your team permanently.
Visit Poached Website

Who it’s best for

Enterprise and multi-unit restaurants who want more visibility on their job posts.

Things to consider

There’s no membership fee (it’s a pay-as-you-go business model) but that can get expensive if you need to frequently fill positions and shifts.

Where it excels

They have a partner network and can boost your posts for permanent staff or fill-in positions across a variety of job search platforms, including LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. They claim that boosted jobs see an average of 67% more resumes.

Feature overview

The features here are pretty simple, given that it’s a job board. You simply have to create posts for the roles you are looking to fill, either for permanent staff or individual shifts. 


Their customer support team can be reached via chatbot or email at


  • Hire Permanent Staff: $59 per 30-day job post 

  • Fill Temporary Shifts: $39 per shift worked + hourly rate

Learn more about Poached



Best for Finding Gig Workers

A leader in the restaurant space for gig work, Qwick pairs you with freelancers who have skills that match your needs for front of house, back of house, events, catering, and more.
Visit Qwik Website

Who it’s best for

Ideal for restaurants that are looking for a restaurant-specific job board for hiring and temporary shift-coverage.

Things to consider

There is a cost associated with this job board: you have to pay 40% on top of freelancer’s hourly pay rate, so this might not be a viable option for restaurants with smaller budgets. They are also not available in every city, so your options may be limited depending on your geographic location.

Where it excels

They have a tried and true approach to finding the right talent with freelancers who are vetted for you ahead of time. Their proprietary matching algorithm promises to find you the right talent with the right skill set for any shift.

Feature overview

  • Staff flexibly and fill shifts with qualified freelancers through the easy-to-use digital platform, eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional temporary staffing 

  • A Qwick shift must be at least one hour, and must be posted a minimum of four hours before shift start time

  • The “to-do” tab allows you to verify the times your freelancer(s) clocked in and out and pay tips to your freelancer(s) for shifts worked

  • Each freelancer on the platform is reviewed and rated. If you are unhappy with the freelancer that arrives, let them know within the first two hours and there will be no charge


Customer support can be accessed via automated chat on their website or via text.


It’s free to create an account, but Qwik takes a 40% cut of the hourly rate of the talent you hire through their platform.

Learn more about Qwick



Best All-in-One HR Management Platform

Harri was developed with input from hospitality professionals, and it provides mobile-centric tools that assist in talent acquisition, onboarding processes, workforce management, engagement, and compliance.
Visit Harri Website

Who it’s best for

Enterprise or multi-unit operators looking for exceptional backend employee management.

Things to consider

Harri doesn't process payroll, but it does integrate with leading POS and payroll systems and manages pretty much everything else from hire to retirement. There is additional pricing for team management.

Where it excels

Built for and by hospitality professionals, Harri provides mobile-first solutions for hiring new talent, automating the acquisition and onboarding process, managing employee schedules, communication, and analytics, and streamlining compliance. It also has workforce management tools and team analytics via POS integrations.

Feature overview

Harri is an end-to-end platform, managing and streamlining processes from talent acquisition to workforce management.

  • Easily find, recruit and engage active and passive candidates that fit your unique hiring criteria 

  • Streamline recruitment efforts for a better candidate experience and a more organized tracking process 

  • Onboard team members from any device, and store completed documents in a safe, centralized management system

  • Optimize critical scheduling considerations, such as labor cost, compliance, sales performance, and publishing efficiency

  • Manage employee time and attendance through an engaging app that drives compliance needs and communications upon clocking in

  • Organize conversations, collaboration, requests, and awareness all in one platform to maximize efficiency and boost engagement

  • Gain better insight into performance with real-time reporting and analytics tools 


While Harri does provide customer support via phone and email during regular business hours, a regular complaint has been their lack of after-hours or weekend support. 

What real restaurants say

The one thing that I love is that when I send out applications, I can customize the questions. I feel very proud and confident about my job postings. I feel like it's one of those platforms that really gives you freedom to have them as specific or as vague as you want. I wanted to be very specific so I can get the best candidates. One thing I would change about the experience with Harri is that I wish the app for the iPhone worked way better. It's very slow and I barely use it because I don't wanna have a bad experience.” -Mariela G. (San Antonio, TX)

“Harri provides different solutions on a single platform. They also optimize the employee's experience and ensure very good skill acquisition, and data analysis. I wouldn't really change anything — I think Harri has been doing a fantastic job and it's really something that I appreciate.” -Patrick K. (Houston, TX)


Pricing is available upon request. Schedule a demo to get more information.



Best For Large Enterprise Restaurants

HourWork makes hiring easier by re-engaging people who have already worked in your restaurant (or people who have previously applied). HourWork has a variety of tools for employee communication and retention, and talent can be onboarded quickly.
Visit HourWork Website

Who it’s best for

Franchises and multi-unit restaurants looking for hospitality talent with previous work experience.

Things to consider

HourWork is great for hiring and employee communication, but the cost might make it prohibitive for some operators.

Where it excels

HourWork makes hiring easier by re-engaging past applicants and former employees. You’re able to get qualified applicants onboarded quickly by potentially hiring people that have already worked in your restaurant. HourWork has lots of tools for employee communication and retention and is trusted by a variety of restaurants and franchises

Feature overview

HourWork’s recruitment messaging flows and staff engagement features makes hiring and retaining employees simple.

  • Keep in touch with new hires and proactively manage onboarding issues with automatic new hire check-ins

  • Get valuable feedback from current and former employees with pulse surveys and exit surveys

  • Celebrate important milestones with automatic birthday and anniversary messages

  • Re-engage past applicants and former employees with customized messaging flows 


HourWork has an online help center with articles to help introduce your team to the software, where they cover basic functions, features, and FAQs. You can also give them a call 9:00am-5:00pm EST Monday through Friday.

What real restaurants say

“HourWork is really easy and efficient to use. They made it a seamless process to transfer over our old applicant tracking system. After that was done, they contacted the people in our network to engage them with our open positions and then the applicant responses came directly to us. Whenever we’re low on staff, we always use HourWork now.” — Georgio R.


Contact the HourWork team for a personalized quote.

Learn more about Hourwork

Our evaluation process

We’ve developed a process to find the best HR, staffing, and training systems for restaurants to keep things running smoothly when it comes to your employees. Here’s how we did it.

Surveys and other research with people in the industry

We conducted surveys and gathered feedback from operators and employees across different service models and segments with experience using these systems on a day-to-day basis.

Interviews with Back of House restaurant tech experts

We also gained insights from our staff of experts who have years of experience in the industry and with restaurant technology. 

Secondary research

All of this was supplemented with our own research and participation in product overviews and training sessions with vendors on their products and services.

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