Best Robotics & Automations Systems for Restaurants

by Back of House Staff

Updated August 29th, 2023

Robot uprising or hot new trend? It can be tough to tell these days, with robots and automation technology quickly becoming the new standard across a variety of industries and businesses. And the restaurant industry is no different. Automation has been able to do everything from making back of house operations more efficient to creating memorable front of house experiences.

When used in the right ways, robots and automation in the food service industry can make workplaces safer, maintain high levels of productivity and quality, and make a restaurant more profitable. Below are some of the best solutions on the market that are working to make robotics and automation more of a reality for restaurants across the country.

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  • Best For Enterprise

  • Best for Fast-Casual Franchises and Multi-units

  • Best for Large Hospitality Operations

Feature overview

  • Automate your beverage workflow with POS integrations and automatic ingredient dispensing

  • Serve a wide variety of drinks and provide a highly customizable menu with the capacity to hold up to 28 shelf-stable ingredient bottles at one time

  • Hold up to 12 containers of non-shelf stable ingredients with built-in refrigerated storage

  • Keep your beverage service running smoothly with automatic low ingredient and empty bottle or container detection 

  • Connect up to 8 syrup lines, soda and water, as well as specialized concentrates like cold brew

  • Predict demand for future orders by by automatically tracking inventory metrics like number of beverage orders and ingredient usage

  • Make smarter business decisions by tapping into other key metrics, such as beverage popularity, beverage orders by day/time, and drink make time

Onboarding and support

Strong team support is provided, as each venue is assigned a dedicated field service representative who will help troubleshoot any maintenance issue or request at no additional cost. 


Contact the Backbar team to schedule a demo and receive a personalized quote for your needs.

Bear Robotics


Best For Enterprise

Bear Robotics’ hospitality robots are the perfect companion for covering large service areas, busy shifts, and big events. Whether you need help running food or bussing dishes, Bear Robotics will get you there more efficiently.

Visit Bear Robotics Website

Who it’s best for

Enterprise solutions looking to save time and overcome labor shortages.

Things to consider

It can be pretty expensive, which makes it a cost-prohibitive solution for some.

Where it excels

Bear Robotics’ robots maximize efficiency in restaurants with a dedicated catering space by saving time on server tasks like delivering food and picking up plates.

Feature overview

  • Choose from three different types of machines depending on your needs: Servi, Servi Plus, and Servi Lift

  • Servi is built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras to navigate space intelligently, safely and with ease, and automatically return to its post when internal weight sensors detect a delivery has been completed

  • Servi Plus has a custom LED display and clear sound system for tailored messages, as well as fine-tuned speed and suspension to easily navigate ADA ramps

  • Complete deliveries inside multi-story buildings like hotels, ghost kitchens, and corporate campuses with Servi Lift (currently on pre-order)

Onboarding and support

Bear Robotics offers a dedicated customer support team 24/7 and is reachable by chat, email, or support hotline at 1-844-729-2327 


Contact the Bear Robotics team for a personalized quote.

Dexai Robotics


Best for Fast-Casual Franchises and Multi-units

Dexai is safeguarding access to prepared food, enabling more affordable and sanitary meals through cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence.

Visit Dexai Robotics Website

Who it’s best for

Fast-casual franchises and multi-units that are struggling with labor shortages and need extra help during high-traffic times.

Things to consider

The robot has a higher price tag and may be cost prohibitive to restaurants with smaller budgets.

Where it excels

This multi-function robot takes about 15 minutes to set up and is easy to use. It also measures out ingredients to an exact amount, cutting down on food waste and improving inventory efficiency.

Feature overview

  • Get up and running quickly by simply placing Alfred on the table, plugging in the power cable, and hitting start 

  • Alfred adapts to your existing kitchen and layout directly out-of-the-box

  • It integrates with your point-of-sale and IT tools, uses a camera to detect the location of different ingredients, and autonomously picks up and changes the appropriate utensils

  • Easily pause the robot, amend recipes, or monitor performance with the app

  • Assemble meals quickly and reliably — a complete bowl can be assembled in under 2 minutes

  • The robot pauses for people within 4 feet and has emergency stop buttons to halt any motion when activated

  • Alfred is NSF-certified as food service equipment with a splash-proof exterior that is wipe down compatible

  • Track insights like ingredient usage over time via the app

Onboarding and support

Dexai currently supports customers through an online customer portal.


Dexai’s potential customers can either pay $50,000 for the robot or subscribe to one or multiple robots under a robotics-as-a-service model (RAAS). The price of the latter depends on the number of robots in service.



Best for Large Hospitality Operations

With tens of thousands of robots successfully deployed over the past decade in universities, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels, RobotLAB can help serve your customers at max ROI and help your business operate at peak performance when you don’t have enough human employees.

Visit RobotLAB Website

Who it’s best for

Best suited for enterprise solutions in the hospitality space, such as hotels, universities, and hospitals.

Things to consider

It may be cost prohibitive for some smaller businesses in the short term as this is an investment for long term ROI.

Where it excels

It helps make your business more efficient and cost-effective by taking over repetitive tasks, like delivering food and collecting dirty dishes, while engaging with guests in an interactive manner.

Feature overview

  • Restaurant robots can interact with customers to collect orders from your menu, including quick responses to any questions

  • Help your employees focus on higher priority tasks while robots do the dull tasks like collecting dirty dishes

  • Enable your servers to provide a higher quality guest experience by having robots help run food from the kitchen to the server's station

  • Hotel Robot Solutions can guide your customers to different locations in a fun and engaging way 

Onboarding and support

RobotLAB includes phone and email support, as well as a customer support portal.


Contact the RobotLAB team for a personalized quote for single robots and robot bundles.

Our evaluation process

We’ve developed a process to find the best robotics solutions for restaurants to ensure efficient operations while understaffed or to provide top-notch experiences to supplement your team’s work. Here’s how we did it:

Surveys and other research with people in the industry

We conducted surveys and gathered feedback from operators and employees across different service models and segments with experience using these systems on a day-to-day basis.

Interviews with Back of House restaurant tech experts

We also gained insights from our staff of experts who have years of experience in the industry and with restaurant technology. 

Secondary research

All of this was supplemented with our own research and participation in product overviews and training sessions with vendors on their products and services.