Washington D.C. COVID Restaurant Rules: Is Indoor/Outdoor Dining Allowed?

Back of House Staff | December 2, 2020, 01:10 PM CST

Washington D.C. COVID Restaurant Rules: Is Indoor/Outdoor Dining Allowed?

Washington D.C. has seen the COVID writing on the wall, and is starting to scale back both its indoor and outdoor dining regulations as a result. While not obsolete (yet!), effective December 14, capacity will be far more limited for restaurants. Since it can be hard to keep up, we’re staying on top of all the latest restrictions in order for restaurant operators to remain in the know. 

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Is indoor dining allowed in D.C.?

Yes. Indoor dining is still ago, and capacity is currently limited to 50% of the lowest occupancy load or seating capacity on the certificate of occupancy. Staff and outdoor seating excluded. However, effective December 14th, indoor capacity will be limited to 25 percent. Additionally, all guests must be seated with a limit of six persons per table, which are required to remain at least six feet apart.

Is outdoor dining allowed in D.C.?

Yes. But once with no percentage max,  the new order states  outdoor dining must be limited to 50% capacity. 

Is indoor bar service allowed in D.C.?

Yes. But only if the establishment serves food; like restaurants, the capacity for indoor bars will be decreased to 25% on December 14. Additionally, bar areas where a bartender is present must remain closed to patrons for seating and standing and any selling and on-premises consumption of alcohol and operating hours are limited to 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., daily.

[Photo: Pierre Blaché via Pexels]

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