9 restaurant business newsletters that will make any indie restaurateurs smarter

A round-up of the best restaurant email newsletter to keep independent restaurants in the know.
May 22, 2020, 07:46 PM UTC
9 restaurant business newsletters that will make any indie restaurateurs smarter

The life of an independent restaurant owner is packed to the max. It can be hard to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry outside of your dining room.

Here are some of our favorite newsletters that deliver the latest happenings in hospitality, right to your inbox.

Civil Eats Covering all aspects of the U.S. food systems, this newsletter will keep you up to date on important farm-to-table issues like food justice and sustainability. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe!)

Expedite Brought to you by seasoned hospitality writer Kristen Hawley, this weekly newsletter breaks down the top stories in restaurant tech, how they will affect your operations and bottom line. Unflinchingly honest and incredibly accessible, it’s a must-read.

Family Meal Family Meal keeps an eye on the weekly restaurant headlines so you don’t have to. The newsletter is no fluff and all the news you need to know.

Food + Tech Connect If you want the full scope of where food and technology intersect, then this is the newsletter for you. We’re talking restaurant reservation systems, CPG, agriculture, burger-flipping robots and more.

Industry News Update Also known as the “Mark Brown Newsletter”, this weekly roundup is a no-frills list of all the major news stories in the beverage and booze world. To subscribe email here.

Nation’s Restaurant News For a 360 view on the restaurant industry, check out Nation’s Restaurant New’s wide variety of hospitality-specific emails. From dessert trends, to chef’s insights, to breaking news--they’ve got it all.

PUNCH The ultimate source on what bartenders and consumers alike are drinking. This newsletter is a true companion for any bar or beverage manager.

Restaurant Business Specializing in all things franchise and multi-unit, Restaurant Business gives insight into what’s happening in larger-scale restaurants.

Got a favorite restaurant industry newsletter you want to share? Drop us a line: tips@backofhouse.io and tell us which F&B dispatches you welcome into your inbox!

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