Atlanta COVID Restaurant Rules: Is Indoor/Outdoor Dining Allowed?

Back of House Staff | December 2, 2020, 01:15 PM CST

Atlanta COVID Restaurant Rules: Is Indoor/Outdoor Dining Allowed?

Atlanta has had quite the rollercoaster ride when it comes to bars and restaurants, which have been slowly reopening for business since April; now, they are essentially back in full swing (give or take a few bar restrictions). Still, new guidelines were announced on November 30, and the way things are going, expect many more updates to come. To help Atlanta's restaurants and bars stay in the know, we will be monitoring and publishing the latest restrictions in Atlanta.

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Is indoor dining allowed in Atlanta?

Yes. Full steam ahead for indoor dining in Atlanta, as long as establishments adhere to social distancing guidelines including redesigning seating arrangements to ensure at least six (6) feet of separation.

Is outdoor dining allowed in Atlanta?

Yes. In fact, temporary outdoor permits have been issued or establishments to extend their outdoor service.

Is indoor bar service allowed in Atlanta?

Yes. For establishments meeting the definition of a “bar”, the occupancy shall be limited to 50 persons or 35% of total listed fire capacity occupancy of the entire bar, whichever is greater.

[Photo: Nate Hovee via Pexels]

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