Automation Week Roundup: All the Stories You Missed

Back of House Automation Week took a deep look at the different ways automation is shaping the restaurant industry today, and what it means for the future. Worried you missed something? Fear not, as we've rounded up all the Automation Week articles here for your reading (and sharing?!) pleasure.

A Day in the Life of a Food Delivery Robot

You've been hearing more and more about robots being deployed for food delivery, but what does the day-to-day of one of these bots actually look like? To find out, we bring you a typical day in the life of KiwiBot.

The Future of Autonomous Restaurants

What does it take to create a fully autonomous restaurant concept, and what does the future hold for these types of operations. Find out in our Q&A with Hyper Food Robotics founder Udi Shamai.

What Does the Future of Restaurant Robotics Look Like

There's no question robotics and automation are already beginning to transform the restaurant industry, but how far will that transformation go, and how quickly? We spoke to experts throughout the industry for a deep look into where the future of restaurant automation is headed.

8 Companies Engineering the Future of Restaurant Robots

We take a look at eight of the companies at the cutting edge of innovation, mapping out the path for what the role of robots in restaurants is going to look like. Take a look.

What to Do When Your Restaurant Robot Breaks

More robots in restaurant kitchens means more maintenance needed for said robots. How should restaurants go about preventing unexpected issues with their robots, and what should be done when they arise? We talked to the experts at 86 Repairs to find out.